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are You ready To Unleash The unstoppable, confident Man within?
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A 7 Day Guided Challenge to help men conquer the fear, anxiety, regret and other blocks holding them back from being the man they want to be.
“Fear has to be overcome. Not facing fear leads to doubt,
 and doubt kills the warrior.”
― J. Sterling
Important Message:

Sometimes it's not easy being a man. There is so much expected of us. 

We have to be the rock in the relationship. We have to be fearless. We have to step up to confrontation and protect the people around us. 

And I'll be honest... sometimes that's not easy.

There are times in a man's life when the fear gets the better of him and he doesn't step up...

There are times when he does something he regrets...

There are times when he hurts someone...

Or someone hurts him.

Life can be hard and it can break us down if we let it.  

Every man has sh*t like this happen to them and what separates the men from the boys, is how they process those events and move forward. 

You see, we weren't taught in school how to process all of these Significant Emotional Events, and because of that, it's hard be the unstoppable, confident man we want to become. 

You see when we can let go of the fear, shame, regret, and inner critic that is holding us back... that's when we can be our free, natural selves.

That's when we can go after what we really want. 

That's when we don't care what others think because we are confident in who we are as a man.

That's when we radiate with confidence and people are just naturally drawn to us.

So if you'd like to silence that inner critic in your mind... 

If you'd like to develop natural, unstoppable confidence...

Then jump in this 7-Day Inner Transformation Challenge. 
The Mission:
The end goal for this 7-Day Challenge is to help guys let go of some of the biggest blocks that are holding them back. Plus, we want to give you the tools to process your emotions so that you can move through life with confidence and strength. We want to give you a foundation to unleashing the unstoppable, confident man inside of you.
  • Let go of the fear, anxiety, regret, shame and other emotional blocks
  • ​Transform and create empowering beliefs fast and effectively
  • ​Let go of past baggage or traumas
  • ​Transform your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • ​Learn how to truly love every part of yourself
  • ​And so much more!!!
What makes us qualified:
At The Attractive Man, we've have been coaching men for over a decade… 

Showing men how to improve their relationships, how to break through mental limits that are holding them back, and how to unleash the confident and powerful man inside. 

We’ve coached men in-person in over 40 countries. We’ve been featured on programs on Fox 13, ABC News Nightline, CNN and more.

You see, we’re not just some “overnight” gurus selling some rehashed knowledge you can find anywhere. 
Our coaches live this

We’ve all gone through our own transformations and as a company it’s our mission to help men level up and become the man they’re meant to be… in the fastest time possible. 

And we’ve developed a simple process that helps men let go of the fear, anxiety, shame and other past stuff that is holding them back. 
Here's how The 7 Days will look...
  • This will all be done in a private Facebook group so that we can all chat, share results, hold each other accountable and do this together. Plus, you'll get to interact with the coaches
  • Every morning you'll get a new challenge for the day so make sure you hop in the facebook group every morning to get the details.
  • ​Share your results after you complete the daily challenge. 
  • ​Finish the 7 days and keep kicking butt in the rest of your life.
What it's not:
This is not about generic confidence "tricks" or "hacks" you've already heard before. This is not about doing affirmations, meditating, or pumping yourself up in the mirror. 

This is about getting to the core of what's REALLY holding you back and then letting that go.
Who it's not for:
  • Guys who are not coachable and not willing to follow a process
  • ​Guys who don't take action. 
  • ​Guys who are not willing to be vulnerable.
  • ​Guys who are not willing step out of their comfort-zone in order to grow.
Who it's for:
  • Guys who are ready to unleash the confident man within.
  • ​Guys who will trust the process and understand that we've coached thousands of men all over the world. 
  • ​Guys who are willing to step up and leave the "little boy" behind.
  • ​Guys who want tools to let go of fear, shame, regret, and the feeling of "I'm not worthy."
What we request from you:
  • Finish the 7-day challenge. If for some reason you miss a day, show up the next day for the next challenge. Just like in life... don't quit.
  • ​Be open minded with each exercise. It may seem like you'll get nothing out of it, but that's often when guys have the biggest shifts.
  • ​Converse with the participants and the coaches. Ask questions because that's how you get answers for your particular situation.
Bottom line:
Let's do this!

Even if just one exercise helps you let go of whatever is holding you back... it'll be worth it. 

And remember, our coaches will be guiding you through this challenge as a team. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Go ahead and register for the challenge now because this has the power to transform your confidence, the way you see yourself, and the way you move through life.

If you want something more in life, jump in before it's too late.

So CLICK THE LINK BELOW and register for the 7-Day Inner Transformation Challenge.

You don't want to miss this!


If you're not completely satisfied with your experience, simple let us know and we'll reimburse every penny. No questions asked. 
"My coaches and I have compiled 7 of the most transformative exercises we've ever done... and now we're guiding you through them so YOU can emerge as a new man."
Your coaches for this challenge...

Matt Artisan

Founder & Head Coach @ The Attractive Man LLC
Having coached hundreds of students all across the USA, Europe, The Middle East, South America and Asia, Matt Artisan has coached students from all different backgrounds and situations. He's been featured as a key speaker at numerous conferences, seminars and has been featured on Fox 13, ABC News Nightline, and MTV.

Matt specializes in helping men overcome social anxiety and becoming a man of high value. Matt's patience and ways of breaking things down so simply are what allow his students to achieve great results. 

Jules Bia

Mind-Science Coach @ The Attractive Man LLC
Six years ago, his life was a dark pit of desperation and sadness. Drowning himself with hard drugs to deal with depression, he soon found himself living in a moldy basement without a penny to his name.

These days, he’s traveling the world coaching guys, pursuing a career he loves, and living life on his own terms.

All because of one thing - Emotional Mastery.

Now he wants to show you the things that changed his life forever.

Julian is an expert in emotional releasing, which is a powerful method to letting go of any painful or unwanted feelings in the moment.

David Vibe

Transformational Mindset Coach @ The Attractive Man LLC
Years ago, David paralyzed with fear and social anxiety. During his journey, he became a student with The Attractive Man and quickly emerged as a coach.

David has a master’s degree in Theoretical Physics. With this skill set, his teaching approach is a balance between science-based techniques, such as super learning and emotional management, and intuition/feelings based mindfulness. David can facilitate teaching in English, French, Czech, German, and Spanish.

David helps men realize their full potential and step in the world the most efficient way possible according to his philosophy: “make every second count” and “turn your weaknesses and fears into strengths.”
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It Starts Monday, July 6th!
If you're not completely satisfied with your experience, simple let us know and we'll reimburse every penny. No questions asked. 


*results may vary

"My biggest gain so far, is a feeling of deep peace..."

"What is solidifying in me is a sense of self-value and confidence"

"I have become more calm and peaceful. Not many negative thoughts run in my mind as before"

"My biggest gain so far, is a feeling of deep peace..."

"Biggest win is being able to let go of years of repressed feelings and baggage."

"Gave me the confidence and commitment to keep pushing forward no matter what."

Comments On The Specific Exercises...

Had a huge breakthrough and decided to finish his PhD!

Battled depression and low self esteem for along time and now feels at peace with his future!

He released a lot of negative emotions towards an ex and now feels so grateful!

"I went from not feeling good enough, to stronger and more powerful.."

Was surprised by how he felt immensely empowered!

He used to hesitate to speak up but after this exercise he says whatever's on his mind with ease.

"I really feel very free right now, free of tension, or guilt, or anger, or whatever it was holding me down."

This exercise made him realize there are things he needs to do with his life... and now he's ready to go after them without holding back!

And now it's your turn...

This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
It starts Monday, July 6th and you don't want to miss it!
If you're not completely satisfied with your experience, simple let us know and we'll reimburse every penny. No questions asked. 

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